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Introvert Vs. Extrovert


Top Affiliate Programs

That Make Big Commissions

introvert Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton, introvert.

introverted cat


On the introvert vs. extrovert scale I am 90% introverted, but unlike some introverts I am also quite assertive.  Which means I am not very shy like many introverts are.

extroverted child and dogs


extroverted Donald Trump

Donald Trump, extrovert.

Since I am not an extrovert, I can only tell you what I have observed over the years, and that is that they are not usually shy.


Which means that they tend to be friendlier towards strangers and have better social interaction skills than introverts.

You can pick out the highly extroverted people by how much they talk, and by their doing whatever they can do, to be noticed and to be the center of attention.  Introverts would rather quietly observe the extroverts rather than to actually interact with them.

Ambiverts are people who are basically in the middle of the introvert vs. extrovert spectrum, where they have nearly equal amounts of introversion and extroversion.  They must be the most well rounded happy people on earth.

Just for the record, I am very happy as an introvert, regardless of what anyone else may think.  The reason I am happy, is that I am happy with myself as a human being.  I don’t feel any need for any other person or thing to make me happy.  An extrovert would possibly say that I am completely self-centered, which is true in some ways, but I would say that I am self-actuated and emotionally and mentally self-sufficient.

Are Introverts Better Internet Marketers Than Extroverts?

That is like asking which automobile manufacturer is better than the others – it all depends upon what marketing sub-niche you are in and what are your personal abilities and preferences.

Successful internet marketers span the entire extrovert vs introvert personality types.

Extroverts would do better in the video marketing niches and using live podcasts where they can have some interaction with their audience.  Introverts don’t want to talk to strangers.  We prefer talking to our small group of family and friends.  Therefore, live podcasts would be a poor choice, but certain types of videos would be good for introverts.

Blogging is an obvious choice for introverted marketers, but not so much for those who are extroverted.  Although blogging is a natural fit for anyone who likes to write including extroverts and ambiverts.

Top Affiliate Programs That Make Big Commissions

Your definition of what makes a top affiliate program may be vastly different than mine, so let’s look at a few important ideas.

Big Commissions vs. Small Commissions

If your goal is to make $10,000 per month which adds up to be $120,000 per year, then you need to know what challenges you are up against to achieve that goal.  If you start out like most affiliates and are getting smaller commissions – say $20 per sale, then to reach your goal you would need:

$120,000/$20 = 6,000 sales per year or 500 sales per month or about 16 sales per day.  That is doable, but you are going to have to be a top affiliate to accomplish it.

Now let’s look at getting big commissions – Say $1,000 per sale.

$120,000/$1,000 = 120 sales per year or 10 sales per month or 1 sale every three days.  That is also quite doable.  Actually, it can be quite a bit easier to make big commissions than to make small commissions.  Why is that you ask?

Which one seems harder to you personally – right now, the $1,000 dollar or the $20 dollar commissions?  Why?  Be honest with yourself – why?

Could it be that you are having a very hard time making $20 commissions, and therefore making big commissions would just logically be harder?  Makes sense doesn’t it?  Well, for a long time I thought so too, but then I actually gave it some real thought, and I changed my mind.

To a lower income person, a $40 purchase (50% commission = $20) might be a luxury and letting go of that much money could be a real struggle.  Whereas, someone who makes $120,000 per year could spend $40 every week ($2,080 in one year) and it may never seem like a struggle to them.  So, they are even more likely to spend $2,000 (50% commission = $1,000) on a luxury than the lower income person would spend $40.

You must understand the mindset of your customer.  The poor person is afraid of taking a risk with their money, because they have so little of it.  The rich person isn’t afraid to spend the money, because they do not have the same fear of risk.  The rich person isn’t overly concerned about paying the mortgage or buying food so they are very likely to spend money on something that they see as a benefit to their life – especially if it means making more money with less work!

Not long ago I personally spent $2,000 on one item I wanted, and I am glad I did, and no, I do not make anywhere near $120,000 a year.  So I am living proof that you can get big commissions from the average person.

What Is the Secret to Making Big Ticket Commissions?

It should be obvious that you have to find someone who has enough income to either spend their cash or the ability to borrow the money on a credit card. It isn’t just the matter of finding a rich person, but of finding someone who really, really wants what you have to offer, and has the income to buy it.

How you find those people and how you market to them is what affiliate marketing is all about.  To be successful you need to know what to do and how to do it, but that is where most affiliates fail miserably.

Most people, like me, jump at whatever they perceive to be fast and easy.  Let’s face it, who doesn’t want fast and easy money?  The problem is that by the time we learn how to set up a website and learn WordPress, find a niche, learn basic SEO, how to write articles, make videos, get backlinks, etc. we have spent all of our money and still don’t know what to do to make money online.  That is where most affiliates give up.  That doesn’t have to be you.  I have done all of that, and much more, and I can point you to the yellow brick road that leads to big profits, and you don’t have to fight witches and flying monkeys either.

The biggest problem with most of the top affiliate programs is that they only pay you for the first level of their product funnel.  In other words, you sell one product and you get one commission.  Then you have to get another customer to get your next commission.  Meanwhile, the affiliate program is selling additional products to that same customer that you brought to them, but you are not getting paid any commissions for those sales.

I have found probably THE best big commission affiliate program anywhere.  You get paid on everything one of your customers buys for as long as that customer lives.  It gets even better – you only have to sell one product to your customer, and the Big Commission Blueprint and iPro Partners Programs sells everything else for you – today, next week, next year and even 10 years from now.

To be successful – fast – you need someone who has done what you want to do, and who can teach you in a way that you understand and can put to use.

I have taken courses from several of the big name internet marketers.  Some of them were awful, some were pretty good, but I really had to struggle to put everything into a concept that I understood and could make use of.  Fortunately, Dean Holland and his staff are excellent teachers and most importantly they provide any level of training that you could ever want from new born newbie to seasoned pros, you will find everything you need to be successful.  I mean everything.

Louis Doughty does much of the day to day marketing training for Dean, but Dean does all of the actual Big Commission Blueprint and iPro Partners training.  You can catch a free live webinar training from Dean and Louis by following this link: Click Here For The Next FREE Live Training

They take the approach of providing everything you need from how to get hosting, install WordPress, create a blog, write content, make videos, podcasts, Facebook, Periscope, how to get tons of free traffic, paid traffic, etc. etc….

No matter what niche you are in or what level of experience you have, there is everything you need to be more successful online than you are now, and more successful than you ever thought you could be.

Who is Dean Holland and why should you listen to him?  Well, the short story is this:  He was a construction manager and was making about $45,000 per year and he hated his job.  So he got started online and bought everything and everything people said would make him money instantly.  He bought so many products that he was $60,000 in debt and about to file bankruptcy, when he finally got a mentor that showed him what to do, how to do it, and (most importantly) why to do it.

You see, as humans we need to know WHY we are doing something in order to keep doing it consistently, and long enough to get the results we are striving for – like living the lifestyle of the rich and famous, while only working 4 hours per week.

Whatever your reason is for wanting to make money online with affiliate marketing, it needs to be a strong enough motivator to keep you going when you have to learn something new and to get around the occasional headache.

Your motivation needs to be more than just the money – it has to be what the money permits you to do that makes your life better.  Money is just the vehicle for having a better life.  Money alone will not make you happy.  What you do with the money is what makes you happy, and therefore, the reason you want more money must be stronger than the effort it will take to earn that first $1,000 commission.  If your reason isn’t strong enough yet, then go away, because I can’t help you yet.

That is kinda what happened to Dean Holland, when his need and his desire was great enough, he took that leap of faith and actually DID what his mentor told him to do, and Dean did become successful.  He makes millions of dollars per year now, and he wants you to be a partner with him, just like I am a partner with him.  Why?  Because we all make more money together as partners than we would by ourselves.

Dean has spent over ten years of his life to put together a system of marketing that is automatic and works 24/7 to produce income for all of the partners.  It’s kinda like drilling a water well and hitting a natural spring – you do the work of drilling the well once, but when you hit that spring, the water just keeps flowing and you don’t have to do any more work.  You haven’t done any more work for months or years, but you keep drinking water for the rest of your life.

Dean Holland’s iPro Partners system is just like having a water well out there in the internet marketing commissions desert.  Once you do the initial work of getting thirsty customers to Dean’s money well, they just keep coming back to the well, and you keep getting paid every time they do.

What do you have to do to drill that well?  Just send people who need help making money online to Dean’s money well, called iPro Partners.  The program is not cheap in any sense of the word “cheap”, but it is well worth the price of admission.

Not only do you get lifetime commissions big and small, and monthly recurring commissions too, but you get continually updated and expanding coaching and training so that you never get left behind as market conditions change.

This is a system that is easy to understand and to put into action – no more information overload, just follow the step by step instructions.  If you ever have a question, Dean, Louis Doughty (marketing), Glenn Shepherd (technical) or anyone in the exclusive iPro Facebook group will help you out whenever you need it.

For those of you who cannot currently afford the iPro Partners onetime membership fee.  You should look into Dean’s Big Commission Blueprint system and join the Affiliate Club where you can also make lifetime commissions, but on a smaller number of products and at lower commission rates.  Which means it would take longer to reach your financial goals, quit your day job, and start living the life of your dreams.

You can still reach the lifestyle of the rich and famous through the Big Commission Blueprint and the Affiliate Club, but iPro will super charge your earning potential so that you can reach that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow much faster.

If you are really unsure if any of this is for you, then take this very short quiz to find out what is preventing you from making big commissions, or watch this very short video and learn about the dirty affiliate marketing secret that prevents at least 80% of internet marketers from making any money at all – ever!  Watch this short video right now!

Richard Quick, the introverted internet marketer



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